3 Bridal Shower Tips

My older sister is getting married in a few days and I’m actually quite excited as this is the biggest festivity in the family yet. But as you all know, before the big day, there’s always the bridal shower first to celebrate the last few days of the bride’s singlehood.



We did an early shower for my sister last month and I’m actually happy to say that though it was nothing very grand, everyone had fun especially the bride. As the maid of honor, I never realized how daunting organizing can be but I’m so glad we were able to pull it all off. So, if you’re a maid of honor or perhaps the friend in charge in putting together a bridal shower, here are threeΒ tips I can share to you:

Pick a theme. My sister requested a dressy and heels night so I thought of the theme “Beauty” to match with it. There are several ideas you can go for—I’m thinking Boho Chic, Masquerade, Lingerie Night (for the daring ones *wink), Spring Tea Party, Hawaiian & BBQ and the list goes on. You can also pick a color scheme and from there you can plan on.


Pack the party with games. This will depend on how far you can prepare but the key is to make sure everyone will have a chance to have fun—in short, everyone must be involved! In my opinion, the best one we did was the “Best Gown Ever” game wherein three teams created a masterpiece dress out from tissue paper. There are so many game ideas available online but we did simple ones which were “How Well Do You Know the Bride,” “Scrambled Words,” and “Charades.”


Pinterest is your best friend. For all your design, game and whatnotΒ needs, the good old site will be there for you. If you want to go all out, Pinterest has awesome ideas. If you just want to keep things simple, you can always improvise. You can also check out Google for extra ideas.


Here’s my Bridal Shower outfit of the night—a print on print ensemble. It may look like a one piece but they are actually two pieces of clothing that are just match made in heaven. .


Can’t wait to blog about the actual day. Countdown is one week from now! ❀